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Our Story..

    The story of how Loaded Timber started was in a place none other than the flooded timber itself. As a group of friends scattered across the states, we originated in East Texas. Hunting everyday in our hometown was tough but we still managed to kill birds. Locals around would always make comments about how they’d love to hunt with us to finally someone saying we should start an outfitter. The idea stuck, but East Texas was no place to run the kind of operation we wanted to build. 

     As time went by, one of our team members, Bishop, who was working in Oklahoma at the time, saw the perfect opportunity. He called Dillon, the owner of LT today, and it wasn’t too long after a quick drive up to see all the potential in the area. And so it began.. the next weekend we brought a group of paying clients on the very first hunt and talk about a memory of a lifetime. We shot our 6 man limit plus a banded pintail within 2 hours. What an absolute thill of a hunt! It was something that will be remembered for us as the beginning of something big.






      Plans were drawn up and executed and the first full year of outfiitting was 100% successful. The love and support from clients, family, and friends is what has made all of this possible. Being apart of our clients first experiences, from shooting their first mallard or their first banded bird,  and seeing their faces light up is what it is all about. It truly is an experience to be apart of and witness.



   Here we are coming into a new year, with a squad of brothers, ready to take on the future. With God guiding every step we take, we jumped and purchased a building with the plan to become the Loaded Timber Lodge. We will also plan on branching out and offering more hunting packages with a variety of game in the following seasons. The future in store for us, the community, and the family of LT is something we dream to be big. The blessings through this operation that God has given us all is surreal and to be able to share our story and let others see that chasing your dreams is only achievable if you seek God in all that you do. Without him first, none of this is possible. We want to use this platform to always share our beliefs and to share our personal stories in fellowship to help one another. 


   We cannot wait for the coming seasons, to meet new faces, to see old faces and to share a lifelong journey with you all.

            Loaded Timber Family


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