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About us..


Growing up, we all had a passion for the great outdoors, the live game, and the friendship and brotherhood we carry out into the woods. In 2020, we decided to turn this passion into a career. One of our fellow members saw a huge opportunity waiting for us in Northwestern Oklahoma and we leaped. The Loaded Team all left our hometowns, loaded up our families, and all took the step to move into the state where our future would lie.

Our dream isn’t just to run hunts and make this a job, it is to bring other hunters into a new community of what we want to offer. We want to build relationships and build an entire community with this outfitter. From the farmers, to the clients. The dream is to build a place that is a second home to those every year come time to hunt the game each loves to hunt. The future is bright for Loaded Timber, and with God leading every step, we plan to make our dreams become reality.

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